Our total investment:
$2.2M unrestricted grants
Funded since 2011

Why we invest

Smallholder farmers in Africa have two big problems: 1) They have money after harvest, but that money is gone by the time they need to plant again, and 2) they don’t have access to high quality inputs and training even when they do have money. Credit might be available, but it is often at an exorbitant cost. myAgro helps smallholder farmers save so they can buy fertilizer and seeds at planting time.  Whenever farmers have a little money, they can buy scratch cards from local agents – just like those used for mobile airtime – and send the money into a layaway account for the next planting season.  At planting time, myAgro delivers the fertilizer and seeds and trains the farmers how to use them well. This combination is a solution that can improve farmer livelihoods across Africa.

Our Portfolio