Rocket Learning

Our total investment:
$350K unrestricted grants
Funded since 2022

Why We Invest: 

Indian kids are behind from the start. 40 million cannot recognize a single letter or number by 2nd grade. Rocket Learning has a light-touch, phone-based solution. They create WhatsApp groups of parents and government daycare workers (known as Anganwadi workers) and share “bite-sized” videos that demonstrate quick, doable, fun activities that drive effective learning. As a result, kids get an early education that stacks the deck for success in school and in life.

Rocket Learning’s short videos engage parents and Anganwadi workers, incentivizing continued participation with rewards and recognition. Users can also upload their success stories, fostering a community of shared progress. Internal data shows significant boosts in children’s developmental milestones. By leveraging India’s extensive national daycare system and with the government covering major expenses like Anganwadi workers’ salaries, Rocket Learning’s solution is cost-effective and becomes even more efficient as the model is automated.

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