Ujamaa Community Resource Team

Our total investment:
$350K unrestricted grants
Funded since 2022

Why We Invest: 

Land is life and freedom for hundreds of thousands of indigenous pastoralists and hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, but it’s under constant threat from economic and political interests. Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT) pioneered a community-driven approach to formally secure, manage, and protect land in a way that sustains and improves people’s ability to make a living from it.

They start by mapping the landscape: capturing population, resources, and all their uses within an ecosystem. Then they bring communities together to negotiate boundary agreements and facilitate participatory land use planning. Communities can then secure formal legal tenure and rights over land and resources, preserving existing livelihoods while finding additional eco-friendly ones.

UCRT’s highly effective model for securing tenure has generated a lot of interest and they’re influencing the pack of community-led conservation groups that are thinking deeply about livelihood solutions.

Our Portfolio