Neha Verma


Big Idea: 

In rural India, poor people can’t afford to visit a doctor, and when they do, the care is often of poor quality. Intelehealth equips community health worker with “smart tablets” that allows them to provide sophisticated care, and connects patients with more complicated conditions to well-trained doctors via high-quality video. Combining community care with a direct line to doctors and access to reliable, inexpensive pharmacies, Intelehealth provides rural end-to-end telemedicine that is better than what most people get in the city.

Neha is an entrepreneur and medical information engineer. She earned an MA in Applied Health Sciences from the Johns Hopkins University and is wrapping up her PhD in Health Informatics. Neha is also an active contributor for Women@Forbes, writing about women in tech, product development, organizational strategy, social impact and nonprofits.

Rainer Arnhold Fellows