Sathya Raghu Mokkapati


Big Idea: 

India’s farmlands are getting hotter and drier, and ground water is drying up. Greenhouses offer a key solution, but have long been unaffordable. Kheyti has developed an affordable “greenhouse-in-a-box,” with built in financing and other key services. Their greenhouses enable farmers to produce 7x more food while using 90% less water.

Sathya started his career in accounting, taxation and finance. Quitting the corporate sector, he founded a couple of Agriculture startups in an effort to increase income for farmers; this lead to the formation of Kheyti. He writes on farm matters in Business Line, HuffPost, SSIR, SciDevNet and became an Aspen New Voices Fellow in 2016, and Acumen India Fellow in 2014. Sathya is a chartered accountant and studied commerce at Osmania University in India.

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